LGBT History Month

In February each year, the Assembly marks Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month. This year our LGBT staff network, OUT-NAW, will be displaying a showcase of LGBT Heroes in the Senedd throughout February focussing on influential and inspirational LGBT people. Those unable to visit the Senedd can click here to see a copy of the presentation. Click here for a press release on flying the flag for LGBT equality.

As one of the top LGB-friendly organisations in the UK, we will also be flying the rainbow flag above our estate in Cardiff Bay and Colwyn Bay from February 7. This is a very public display of our commitment to our LGBT staff and to LGBT people in Wales and across the world. It exemplifies the progress made toward LGBT equality and the challenges that still lay ahead.

We have also worked with partners across South Wales to promote LGBT History Month to our staff and the people of Wales.

  • Pink Portrait Exhibition at Central Library, Cardiff
    The Pink Portraits is a series of portraits of successful gay and lesbian professionals working in the film industry, by acclaimed photographer Donald MacLellan. The exhibition includes notable individuals such as Sir Ian McKellan, Stephen Fry, and Berwyn Rowlands. This exhibition will be on public display for two slots over February, from 1st to the 10th, and from the 25th to the 28th, on the second floor of Central Library, Cardiff.
  • Central Library book display, Cardiff
    A celebration of LGBT literature, and LGBT authors. This display will be on the second floor within the Leisure Department of Central Library for all of February.

Click here for more information on LGBT History Month

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