Community, Equality and Local Government Committee Wales Millennium Centre Event – Inquiry into Home Adaptations

On Thursday, 21st February, more than 20 members of the public from across Wales took part in a roundtable discussion with Assembly Members at an event to discuss the issue of home adaptations.

Participants with a variety of needs and experiences came from all parts of Wales to attend the Community, Equality and Local Government Committee’s event, which was held in the Wales Millennium Centre.

A slideshow from the event can be found below:

Participants and Assembly Members were split across four separate tables, where participants on each table discussed their personal experiences of home adaptations, before going on to suggest three key themes that the Committee should consider when holding official meetings with stakeholders and representative bodies at the Senedd throughout the inquiry. Following these discussions, a minute taker from each table fed back the main points raised to the Assembly Members and participants on the other three tables at the end of the event.

Tony Hawkins of Ceredigion, and representative of Disability Action Group Wales found that “these sorts of sessions…are one of the few opportunities that people have, especially people with disabilities, to speak first hand to the people who are going to make decisions or are in a position to change things.

What was so interesting about this session, was that all of the issues that came out of it from people across Wales, because we are all representatives of different areas, were common themes”.

These discussions have provided the Committee with a greater understanding of what is affecting people who have been through, and are currently going through these processes.

We would like to thank Taff Housing, Learning Disability Wales, British Association of Occupational Therapists Wales, Cardiff Accessible Homes, Tai Pawb, Age Cymru, Disability Wales and Shelter Cymru for their help in promoting the event.

A link to the Committee Inquiry page can be found here:

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