The Active Travel (Wales) Bill

The National Assembly for Wales’ Enterprise and Business Committee are currently examining the Active Travel (Wales) Bill that was remitted to them by the Business Committee.

Over the last couple of weeks the Outreach team have been busy promoting an online questionnaire and distributing a paper based questionnaire asking the people of Wales for their opinion on walking and cycling in Wales. Are there enough facilities available for cycling and walking in their area? What would make them more likely to travel by foot or bike? And finally, do they agree with the Welsh Government concentrating on towns and cities rather than the countryside?

Many organisations across Wales agreed to distribute the online questionnaire link and paper based questionnaire amongst their service users, including Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Young Wrexham, ClicOnline and BikeAbility Wales.

Over 60% of respondents felt that there were not enough facilities in their area to be able to cycle or walk more. When asked what facilities were needed many responded saying more sheltered bike racks, “More bike racks are needed outside shops and railway stations.”

The Welsh Government have decided to focus on towns and cities rather than on the countryside when considering walking and cycling in Wales. Over 70% of respondents agreed with this, “It reduces pollution”, “Keeps people in good shape”, “more people live in towns and cities, walking and cycling would be a healthier alternative to getting on public transport or driving”.

We would like to thank

BikeAbility Wales, ClicOnline, The Sprout, Young Wrexham, Cymru Kids Club, Coed y Brenin, Keep Cardiff Moving, Brecon Beacons National Park, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park , Snowdonia National Park, The Boy’s Brigade Wales, Duke of Edinburgh Award, The National Youth Agency, The National Children’s Bureau, The Prince’s Trust, Save the Children and Urdd Gobaith Cymru for their help in promoting and distributing the questionnaire.

More information about the Active Travel (Wales) Bill can be found here.

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