Outreach and Committee Visits to the Alacrity Foundation, Newport and the Flintshire Business Enterprise Network, Deeside

On Thursday, the 6th of June, Assembly Members visited the Alacrity Foundation in Newport, and the Regional Entrepreneurship Hub in Deeside, to talk to young entrepreneurs, advisors and staff, for their Inquiry into Youth Entrepreneurship in Wales.

The five Assembly Members who travelled to Newport received a presentation from Simon Gibson and Raman Mistry who spoke about the history of the Alacrity Foundation. The Members broke into two separate groups; one had a roundtable discussion with the advisors, the other had one to one conversations with students who are being supported by the Foundation to find out about their experiences.

Assembly Members who travelled to Deeside took part in a Human Resources Workshop, before holding round-table discussions with young members of the Enterprise Club, staff and advisors. The session drew to a close with a feedback session where the points raised during the day were shared with participants and Assembly Members.

Flintshire Business Entreprise Network

Simon Gibson, Founding Trustee of the Alacrity Foundation said of the importance of visits like these: “I think it’s a two way benefit; we get some feedback from the Assembly Members, but secondly I think what’s equally important is you get a reality check when you get out into the field to find out what the real issues are, and I commend the officials and the Assembly Members have taken the time out to do that, and we appreciate their listening ear.”

The Assembly’s Outreach team have also been conducting video interviews across Wales with young entrepreneurs, and staff and advisors who support them, which will be displayed on this blog in the near future.

For more information about the inquiry click here: http://www.senedd.assemblywales.org/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=6052

Special thanks to Raman Mistry and Simon Gibson of the Alacrity Foundation, and Askar Sheibani and Sharon Jones from the Flintshire Business Enterprise Network for arranging these sessions, and their hospitality on the day.

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