Community, Equality and Local Government Committee Event – Inquiry into Home Adaptations

Back in February this year the Community, Equality and Local Government Committee spoke to many members of the public from all across Wales about their inquiry into Home Adaptations during a roundtable event in the Wales Millennium Centre.

On Thursday 27 June 2013, those same individuals were invited to meet with the Committee again to discuss the recommendations that have now been drafted for the consideration of the Welsh Government following the inquiry.

Participants received the opportunity to discuss the draft recommendations with Assembly Members before discussing wider issues with Members individually.

Home Adaptations Event

John Redmond, representative from Disability Wales and the Disability Awareness Group, Taff Housing Association said:

“The event was as enjoyable to attend as the first, an opportunity to meet up with those from that event, held in a very relaxed Atmosphere – each and every one of us were allowed time to put our points across and make suggestions on alterations we considered necessary for inclusion in the final report.

Attending these events, I feel is beneficial to not only the individual but to our communities, in as much that others learn of why they are being held and are encouraged to attend future events held by the Assembly.”

The discussions during the event have provided the Committee with things to consider with regards to the recommendations before finalising a report which will be presented to the Welsh Government.

We would like to thank all the participants that attended the event and for all their contributions during the inquiry.

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