Children, Young People and Education Committee – site visits

On Thursday 20 February 2014 Members of the Children, Young People and Education Committee visited two groups of parents to discuss issues around parental engagement at schools, as part of an inquiry they are conducting which aims to review the effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s policies in addressing the gap in the educational outcomes of children from low income households at all key stages.

Angela Burns AM, Keith Davies AM, Rebecca Evans AM, Bethan Jenkins AM, Lynne Neagle AM and David Rees AM, all members of the Committee, visited parents at Bonymaen Family Centre in Swansea, before meeting with a separate group parents who have taken part in projects with the local Communities First cluster.

Meanwhile, Aled Roberts AM and Suzy Davies AM, also members of the Committee went to meet the Gwenfro Hut Family Support Group where they met with a group of parents that often meet for various training courses.

Communities First

Some of the questions asked during the visits included:
– What do schools do to help children from low income households;
– What do schools do to help parents get involved with their children’s education;
– When schools try and involve parents, what works well / what doesn’t work so well;
– What are the barriers that stop parents getting involved in their children’s education.

Both sessions were extremely beneficial, and will assist the Committee in their questioning when speaking with groups, organisations and Government officials at formal evidence sessions at the Senedd, for their inquiry into Educational Outcomes for Children from Low Income Households, which can be viewed on

We would like to thank Jo Thomas, The Communities First Manager for the Swansea East Cluster, and Pat Kearsley at the Early Years Forum in Wrexham for arranging the visits.

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