The Assembly in your Area

The National Assembly for Wales has officers working across Wales delivering presentations and workshops, supporting Assembly business and attending summer events.

Projects and workshops
The Outreach Team work with a range of organisations and stakeholders across Wales on a local and national level delivering presentations and workshops to encourage understanding and engagement with the Assembly.
Each partnership created is unique to the organisation and is based on their aims and objectives.
The Outreach teams aim to ensure that the citizens across Wales have an understanding of who represents them, the legislative process, how the Assembly holds the Welsh Government to account and the engagement opportunities available to them.

Here are some recent examples of organisations we have worked with:
Welsh Local Government Association
Citizens Advice Cymru
Scouts Wales
Princes Trust
Children In Wales

Providing business support
The Outreach Team regularly support committee business during their inquiry and consultation process, engaging with members of the public and stakeholders across Wales to discuss proposed changes to law and policy, which may directly affect them.
Evidence gathered through methods such as focus group sessions, video interviews or questionnaires, is presented to the committee as evidence for their consultation. These methods of engagement allow individuals to be involved in the process and participate in a way which they may not have done otherwise.

Email the Outreach team using:

Please visit our YouTube page for videos from participants engaged with the Outreach team.

NAfW – Engagement Toolkit – English

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