Celebrating Bi Visibility day, 23 September 2014

It’s a little known fact that bisexual people make up the largest part of the LGBT community. Sadly when it comes to talking about LGBT issues, their experiences are rarely represented or considered at all. That’s why Bi Visibility Day is so important.

The day was started in 1999 when a small group of committed campaigners got together to get people thinking about bi issues. They were and still are working hard to bring down the barriers that bi people face, including prejudice from within LGBT communities, the challenges of having to repeatedly come out to friends and partners, and simply being ignored and overlooked. But they also wanted to celebrate and be proud to love who they love.


(photo by Stonewall Cymru)

“What being Bi means to me” – the thoughts of a member of our LGBT staff network

Bi means questions. If you tell people you’re gay, nine out of 10 times people are like ‘Oh, OK, thanks for letting me know’ end of conversation. But if you tell people you’re Bi you are met with many ill-formed statements such as ‘You’re just gay but don’t know it yet’ or get intrusive personal questions about your sex life: ‘Have you slept with more men or women?’

Bisexuals are seen as a joke to both the gay and straight community which is hurtful and therefore when people assume I’m straight or gay I very rarely feel comfortable correcting them.

 I recently broke up with my girlfriend and the first comment someone made was ‘Are you going to go back to men now?’ – What was I meant to say to that?!

 I think people view Bisexuality as a transition or experimental stage and for many it is but not all and it is important that is recognised.

Further information on how we can support our bi staff is available in Stonewall’s workplace guide – Bisexual People in the workplace: Practical advice for employers

Further information and support available to bisexual people is available from Bi Cymru.

The National Assembly for Wales is very proud to be listed in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index as the Top Public Sector Employer in Wales for LGB people. To find out more about our LGBT staff network, please contact Craig Stephenson.

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