Chair’s Blog: Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill

Stage 1 – Debate in Plenary on general principles

This afternoon, the Assembly will debate and vote on the general principles of the Bill in Plenary (‘the Stage 1 debate’).

A picture of the debating chamber of the Senedd

During the debate, Assembly Members and the Minister will have an opportunity to discuss the content of the Committee’s Stage 1 report and the recommendations the Committee has agreed.

This is also an opportunity for the Minister to confirm if he agrees with any of the recommendations that have been made, and to give an indication of any changes that he intends to make to the Bill. At the end of the debate the Assembly will be asked to vote on a motion (a formal proposal) to agree with the general principles of the Bill.

If the Assembly agrees, the Bill will proceed to the next stage, which is called Stage 2. If the Assembly does not agree to the general principles, the Bill falls and no further action is taken on it.

You can watch live proceedings here:

How to get involved and keep up-to date

Christine Chapman (@ChrisChapmanAM) is the Chair of the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee.

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