The Environment and Sustainability Committee – Evaluating recycling in Wales

The National Assembly for Wales’s Environment and Sustainability Committee has been looking into recycling in Wales.

Alun Ffred Jones AM, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, explains:

‘The Committee asked people to write to them and asked certain organisations to come and speak to them in meetings at the Senedd.

Over the summer, the National Assembly for Wales went out and about across all parts of Wales to find out what people think about recycling in their areas.’

This inquiry looked at current local authority household waste recycling practices and arrangements, including the information available to householders and how recycling rates can be improved.
A public consultation was held as part of the Inquiry between 9 May 2014 and 10 June 2014. The Committee received 50 written responses from organisations such as the Wales Audit Office, Zero Waste Wales and WRAP Cymru.

The Committee also heard from over 3,000 people across Wales through a survey that was promoted by the Communications team in presentations and workshops, regional events, schools visits and visits to the Senedd. The most notable finding was that 98% of the general public and 95% of children and young people who filled in our survey said they recycled at home.


Thank you to all who completed questionnaires and online surveys, shared pictures of recycling in your area, tweeted views on recycling in Wales or responded in a number of other ways. Your input and contribution to the Committee’s work is so important. The Committee is hoping to publish its report on this inquiry before the end of the Autumn term. Keep an eye on the latest developments for this inquiry through the Inquiry into Recycling Storify.  You can also view the YouTube playlist for the Inquiry.


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