Diversity and Inclusion Week: Message from the Chief Executive and Clerk

photo of manon Antoniazzi, the Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly

The senior team and I are wholly committed to ensuring that as an employer and parliamentary organisation, we are an exemplar in our promotion of diversity, inclusion, equality and provision of accessible services. In order to deliver this, we have developed our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and accompanying action plan which will help us deliver our diversity and inclusion vision and values:


We want to continue to be an exemplar organisation in valuing diversity, promoting inclusion and embedding equality, both as an employer and parliamentary organisation. Our organisation is accessible and engages with and respects the people of Wales and beyond.


From our corporate values which define the way we work, we have identified our Diversity and Inclusion values and we:

  • ensure diversity, inclusion and equality are embedded throughout our organisation and informs our approach to how we deliver services, recruit and manage staff, support Assembly Members and engage with the people of Wales;
  • challenge and strive to eliminate harassment and discrimination;
  • recognise and address barriers to inclusion, access and participation;
  • behave as an inclusive employer and accessible parliamentary organisation;
  • aim for our workforce to be representative of our diverse society, including at a senior level;
  • encourage and widen participation in Assembly activities and engagement with the Assembly from people across Wales; and
  • promote positive attitudes towards diversity and inclusion and foster good relations between different groups of people.

The Strategy sets out how our staff deliver and promote inclusive, accessible services and achieve positive outcomes for people. It will also help us plan how we comply with the duties placed on the Assembly Commission by the Government of Wales Act 2006 and also by the Equality Act 2010, covering each of the protected characteristics[1] and other issues such as caring responsibilities, social mobility and other inequalities.

As an employer and service provider, our organisation is committed to ensuring that no-one is disadvantaged or discriminated against on these grounds: discriminatory behaviour will be dealt with via our disciplinary procedures. Also, as an employer, we encourage flexible working practices whilst accommodating our business needs.

In line with the Assembly Commission’s strategic goals, it is important to us that the Assembly continues to be accessible to the people of Wales and beyond: making it relevant, easy and meaningful for people to interact with it and contribute to its work. It is also important to us that we behave as an inclusive employer, attracting and retaining talent, enabling everyone we employ to realise their full potential.

I will ensure that our staff understand the part they play in helping our organisation deliver on our diversity and inclusion objectives and realise our diversity and inclusion vision and values.

We aim to achieve the best possible equalities outcomes for both our workforce and everyone who interacts with the National Assembly for Wales. I hope you will do all you can to work in a way that continues to achieve real, measurable diversity and inclusion improvements of which we can be proud.

Manon Antoniazzi

Chief Executive and Clerk

[1] Protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex, sexual orientation

14 thoughts on “Diversity and Inclusion Week: Message from the Chief Executive and Clerk

  1. Crikey you anti welsh language lot are as thick as you are fat- welsh assembly statement is not a statement by the welsh labour government- who keep calling welsh nats . all those years in English medium education certainly did you no favours, about as much IQ as i have fingers

  2. There are 1,595 schools in Wales. The vast majority are English medium schools. Parents wishing to educate their children through the medium of English have a FAR greater choice than parents wishing to educate their children through the medium of Welsh. The argument of ‘choice’ in regards to English medium education is therefore completely misplaced.

  3. As a parent living in a small village with one local school which is easily accessible and has been for the last 60 years a dual stream school, providing education of the highest quality in both english and welsh, having both streams of children treated equally and valued equally, seeing the closeness of our village the lack of fighting and squabbling with the children because they were being taught together regardless of whether they were being taught in english or welsh or had a disability, the sign over the very door of the school said “education for all”. I am dismayed and saddened by the decision of the local council, community council and board of governors to change our wonderful dual stream school to a welsh medium school, All protest was totally ignored, our petitions were ignored and mocked, our questions were NEVER answered, we were only told one thing that,”education through the medium of welsh is best for ALL children”!!! The consultation was a load of rubbish done only to try and silence us parents and members of the community who fought to keep the two languages taught in OUR local school, only to be bullied, threatened, attacked and ridiculed by a small bunch of Welsh Language ativists who seek only to make sure that the english language is eradicated from our education system. What I find even more shocking and insulting is this load of rubbish that you have put as a statement about inclusion and seeking to unite people from different backrounds, you talk the talk miss but you certainly do not walk the walk. I am sick and tired of you politicians fighting for your own personal ends and totally ignoring the wishes of the people you are supposed to be representing. We lost our battle but this does not mean we have lost the war, our education system is the worse in the UK and not very high ranking in the world statistics either, there is evidence that shows how damaging learning in a language unfamiliar to a child can be to their education yet you keep pushing the welsh language agenda down our throats, well I for one am sick and tired of it and trust me when the 81% of the Welsh population who do not speak welsh, read welsh or write in welsh realise what is happening then you people in your little welsh language bubble are going to have a shock, I will be doing all in my power to make sure the people of wales realise what is happening and I will be making people aware of how much this welsh language drive is costing us, in our hosptials, schoools, councils etc because of translation alone.

    I have no wish to eradicate the welsh language and want it to thrive but not at any cost and definitely not at the cost of my childrens education.

  4. One essential equality that is missing in Wales is parental choice of school language medium for our children. The Welsh language organisations have tried to hi-jack “equality” as meaning that every child should be educated through the medium of Welsh; that English medium schools should be progressively closed down.

    It should be a fundamental RIGHT of parents to take their child to school in any part of Wales and know that that child will be spoken to in the language that they understand best; the language of their home whether it is English or Welsh. Across the whole World it is acknowledged that children learn best through their first language. Only in Wales, of all the developed nations, would it be considered acceptable to deny first language medium of education.

    Click to access 243713E.pdf

    “1. At least six years of mother tongue instruction is needed so that gains from teaching in mother tongue in the early years are sustained.

    2. Education policies should recognize the importance of mother tongue learning. A review of 40 countries’ education plans finds that only less than half of them recognize the importance of teaching children in their home language, particularly in early grades.”

    Compulsory early immersion teaching in Welsh for pupils from monolingual English speaking homes is an evil that must be stopped.

    1. well said John Jones, if only these idiots would listen to reason and stop the enforcement of welsh language on children who are not able to learn through the medium of welsh, parents have a right to choose the language their children are educated in but that is fast becoming unrealistic as they are changing language streams all over wales now and here in carmarthen they want to eradicate english altogether.!!!

      1. “Eradicate English”? How so, when children in Welsh medium education are also completely fluent in English? This is one of the reasons why your campaign in Llangennech failed, because your arguments made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Of course, your links with UKIP and the EDL didn’t help either.

    2. By your logic, Jaques, all immigrant children in the UK should be taught in their mother tongue for the first 6 years? So when England starts educating immigrant children in their mother tongue you may have a leg to stand on. You’re making a fool of yourself.

      1. No, Nic Daniels the reason our campaign failed in Llangennech is because we were fighting a decision that had been made 4 years previous, our campaign was truthful, all facts gathered from CCC or Llangennech School through FOI, so any facts that were wrong were not through our information. We were fighting a losing battle because all that Welsh Nationalists can see is how unfarily they were treated years ago, so instead of learning through history that it was wrong you think it is right to do the same to English speakers. I only wish I had involved Mr Neil Hamilton earlier on in the battle. I would be interested to know my links to the EDL which you nutters keep harping on about, am I a member of the EDL? Am I a member of UKIP? Come on give me your evidence that I have links to the EDL, my only link to UKIP is involving my constituency Assembly member when our Labour Assembly Member wasn’t helping. Parents have a right to choose the language in which their children are going to be educated, anything else is not democratic and borders on dictatorship ruling. By the way Nic, how many children do you have and how many of them are in Llangennech school? You are full of opinions but no facts unless you call the warped logic of your opinions facts!

    3. Well hello there Jaques Protic Wondering how soon your alter ego would pop up Together with the lovely Michaela I note You are a Serb who has been welcomed into our country I think it’s time you showed at least a decent respect to your host culture and language p

    4. So by your logic, Welsh-speaking parents living in Leeds, Leicester or Linlithgow have an absolute right to insist that their kids are educated in Welsh? Sauce for the goose …

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