“Walk the prom and always kick the bar!” – Why you #LoveAber

From 3 – 7 December 2018, the National Assembly for Wales will be bringing a week full of its regular activities, special exhibitions and public engagement events to Aberystwyth as part of our Senedd@ campaign.

We’re been asking you to share your #loveaber stories, memories and insights to form part of our exhibition, “Aberystwyth: Past, Present, Future”.

Award-winning author Jenny Sullivan was born and raised in Cardiff, but like so many others across the length and breadth of Wales (and indeed the World!), Aberystwyth holds a unique place in her heart.

Having lived in Brittany since 2004 she shares her favourite #loveaber memories and poem entitled “Aberystwyth”.

What is your favourite Aberystwyth memory?

Many damp days haunting the bookshops with the children when they were small. Aberystwyth was our “go-to” place when it was too wet for the beach!  (My worst memory is the sea-front hotel with a shower that had no water!)

What makes Aberystwyth unique?

The comfort and ease with which “Town and Gown” fit together.  And there’s something restful about Aberystwyth.  When I’ve been visiting local libraries and schools I used to try to stay on the sea-front.  I loved waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves.

How has Aberystwyth changed over the years?

Different shops:  some new buildings – but on the whole, not a lot!

Mind, I haven’t visited for a couple of years – I need some schools and libraries to invite me, please!


Sea rattles pebbles

claws at shale

worries the filigree pier


Front lines are the expendables:

Window-boxed brecwast-a-gwelies,

Three-flights-down for a bath;

Student halls, window-sills full

of bare feet and beer cans;

and “Llys y Brenin”

balconied apartments

(Expensive) for the crachach.


Sea makes sorties

chewing at the roots of

Constitution Hill.


Hippie shops and cafes creep

backwards, towards respectability.

Charity shops flare and die, and

The mighty rearguard Banks

(Barclays, Lloyds) oppress the odd posh shop and Woolworths, where

anoraked and steaming tourists flee the unrelenting rain.


The sea attacks

retreats, attacks,

hurls pebbles


Only Waunfawr observes

the town, sneaking out

the back way, regrouping

somewhere in the

mountains, while offshore,

Momentarily confused by groyns

the sea fires missile dolphins,

Gulps the crimson sun

and waits for booming night.


Jenny Sullivan

Credit: Pont, “Say That Again”


Visit www.assembly.wales/seneddaber to register and take part in our exhibitions and events. You can also send us your own #loveAber stories on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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